Dylan Alcott: Australian champion talks about the secret to success

Dylan Alcott is an Australian three-time Paralympic Gold medalist, motivational speaker, triple j presenter and Co-Founder of Get Skilled Access. He is truly an inspiration.

Students participating in the theMediaPod activities were lucky to be able to interview Dylan during his time at the 2017 Australasian Podiatrist Conference.

After setting-up camera equipment (in the Green Room at the Melbourne Convention Centre might I add) Dylan entered the room with such a bubbly, happy, welcoming nature.

His grin was from ear to ear, and so was mine! After all, when someone is so happy, it becomes contagious right?

Dylan was a motivational speaker at the conference and very open to letting us interview him.

What do you know about podiatry?

“That they touch feet” …responds Dylan in a comedic manner.

Dylan then spoke to us about his secrets to success, and important qualities that has made him our Australian champion.

1. Being kind is number one
“Manners come for free,” says Dylan, highlighting the importance that manners have in our everyday lives. 

2. Be resilient in life and work hard
Dylan states that work ethic is really important, and so is putting in the hard work.
“It will pay off,” emphasises Dylan. 

3. Be bold and put yourself out there
Another important factor is putting yourself out there.
Dylan states that, “Being bold is important.” 

4. Stay authentic to who you are
“Don’t try and be someone you are not,” states Dylan. Highlighting the role this has played in his career, as Dylan stays authentic. 

5. Be honest and stay true to yourself!
“Good things will happen!” Dylan emphasises that being honest and in staying true to yourself, will create great success in your life. 

Dylan was very passionate about his foundation, Get Skilled Access, a training organisation which focuses on creating diversity and a range of accessibility needs within business and governments. It really is a fantastic foundation, which needs to be heard! You can check out there website here to read more.

It was truly a fantastic experience to hear Dylan’s life experiences, and his secrets to success!


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