Allan Jenkins talks employee communication

Allan JenkinsIn this episode of theMediaPod, guest MediaPodcaster Lee Hopkins talks with Allan Jenkins, a Danish-based business communicator, blogger and podcaster.
Although this mediapodcast focuses on employee communication, Allan consults to organisations on both internal and external communication.
Allan argues that employee communication is a critical part on the overall communication mix or an organisation. “If employees don’t understand what you’re about as a company, they’re going to have a very hard time interacting properly with customers, suppliers and the rest of the world,” Allan says.
Face-to-face communication is usually the right way to communicate according to Allan, but choosing the right vehicle for other forms of communication is vital. “Say for example if you have a distributed workforce in several different countries, you might use a blog to communicate with them, or you could use a podcast. It all depends on who you are communicating with, what they need to know and the message that you are trying to get across.”
Lee and Allan also talk about the International Association of Business Communicators in this “must hear” discussion about employee communication.
Interview with Allan Jenkins

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