Four ‘Stupid’ Questions Every Intern Should Ask

 ‘Should I CC you in on this email?’
You may not be expected to send many external emails early on in your internship. But if you are entrusted with liaising with suppliers, clients or media and they haven’t asked you to already, CC your main supervisor in on every email you send. It’s both courteous and helpful so they can keep track of the email-trail when you’re not in the office.
‘How/Where do you want me to save this file?’
Every company will have their own set of rules and guidelines for their soft copy storage. It’s likely to be one of those systems that works for them and you don’t want to mess with. Learn the conventions, name files appropriately and save them in the right place. As simple as it may sound, this means you and they will be able to find it later and prevents them having to move and rename things later.
‘Can I sit down with you and catch you up on what I’m doing?’
Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with to-do lists. They are absolutely necessary for me but I probably don’t use them as efficiently as I could. If you have a longer or more complicated task to complete and you’ve found yourself halfway through with no idea of where to go next, talk to your supervisor and have a 5-minute sit down to explain what you’ve done, what you’re planning to do next and what will need to be done later. It’s better to ask for clarification along the way than get to the end of the task and have left anything out.
‘Where’s the best local lunch spot/coffee/supermarket?’
Working 9-5, Monday to Friday in the same location means your colleagues will be very familiar with the area and will have developed habitual spots to go to for food, caffeine and general supplies. Save yourself some time and confusion by getting some recommendations and avoid spending your whole lunch break wandering in the wrong direction in search of sustenance and getting lost.

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