A world without social networks? *cough*

Can you imagine a world without social networks? Is social networking the new tobacco? Ross Monaghan shares his thoughts. Connect with Ross on Twitter: @themediapod
HELLO, I’m Ross, and I’m not a social media addict.
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy social networking. It’s crucial in my work, it’s important in my private life. What I like about it is it’s way of connecting me with friends, family, and potentially anyone on the planet. It’s the interaction and human contact that I enjoy. But I also enjoy that interaction offline as well. To me, social media is just another way to connect and communicate with people.
I’m sure some people have a problem though. On the Cellophane blog, the C Word Agency points out that “social media (SM) is now embedded in our workday the same way the phone and email have become”. They also lightheartedly ask the question: Is social networking the new smoking? The post has a handy checklist to determine if you are addicted…but I didn’t want to read it, just in case I do have a problem. (No interventions please.)
Life has forever changed because of social networking. This great three-minute video by Korea’s Beomseok Yang illustrates how many people see life with, and without, social networking.

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