Content is only the prince, the target public is king.

In relation to the downloads vs. listeners argument doing the rounds of the blogosphere at the moment, self-styled “blogger, podcaster and Internet Jedi” Jon Watson points out that “content is king, not the bells and whistles”. Well done Jon, the Force is obviously strong in you.
However it’s the audience, or in my line of work target public, that is really king.
The “content is king” axiom is only true in as much as the target public thinks the content is interesting, relevant or worth listening to or watching. Obvious you might say. However if your producing your content (podcast or blog) for a specific goal (and I hope you are, otherwise why waste your time?), you’ll have a specific audience in mind. I doubt it will be the entire 1.08 billion regular users of the Internet, so you need to think about who you want to communicate with to reach your objective. If you’re writing to impress fellow geeks, write about things that geeks will be impressed by, and write about in in a language the geeks will relate to. If you’re producing a blog for relative newcomers to the medium you’d talk about issues in general, and in a language they’d understand, perhaps with a few “sidebars” of added information.
Employers constantly tell me they want three things from my communication graduates – a good general knowledge, good writing skills, and an ability to target information appropriately. They understand that the best prose and information is wasted if it doesn’t go to the right people.
The target public is king. Long live the king!
Oh, and Amanda over at has a nice blog entry about this very issue.

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