Do you have a business card to help you power-network?

SOON to be Deakin University graduate Alison Coffa proudly handed me her business card yesterday.
The card looks professional. It details her blog, Twitter account and other contact information. She’s made it easy for potential employers to quickly spot her strengths and how to contact her.
However there is a bigger benefit – Business cards get other business cards.
If you hand over your card at a networking event, employers will instinctively pass back their card. That’s “gold”, and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you why.
A box of 250 will only cost you $10-25. That’s a great investment in your future.
Bonus tip: Make a point of writing where and when you met the person on their card. You can also write other points such as reminders (“I said I’d email my resume next week”) or other interesting facts they shared with you (“used to work as Rihanna’s publicist”). These points will serve as reminders or discussion starters next time you meet.
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