Five tips to get you the most from your internship

Landing an internship can be tough, but there are some rules to follow that will ensure you make the most of your experience.
ftmloi3dgtoimp3kwuwwcqjx3qv9sxicznz2do7trcagwegjdmz3cnvc5egbfsqbDespite what Hollywood movies might depict, landing your dream intern position isn’t as simple as stumbling into the right person on the street.
With this in mind, it is important we utilise our time once finally given our shot! Below are some tips to consider during your placement.
Tip one: Dress for success.
Whether you are working the corporate grind or painting the streets of Brunswick red, you should look the part. Having the appropriate threads will go a long way with establishing your confidence early into your role and will help aid that sense of inclusion.
Tip two: Ask questions.
Don’t know where the toilet is? Ask. Don’t know how to use Excel? Me neither – Ask. The best part about asking questions (other than finding out the answer) is that people love to be ASKED questions. Never shy away from picking the brains of those around you.
Tip three: Get involved.
There’s nothing an employer loves more than someone who uses initiative. If you find yourself wishing to be a part of a particular project, then put yourself forward. As an intern, don’t just sit around twiddling your thumbs waiting for a task to be thrown at you. Your placement will be what you make of it.
Tip four: Don’t underestimate your work.
Don’t underestimate the little stuff. A seemingly tedious task could be a great opportunity for you to socialise with new people, to learn new skills or to gain better insight into your professional role. While sitting at your desk, use the time to listen to the conversations of those around you.
Tip five: Follow up.
When you say your final goodbye, don’t let it be your final goodbye. Make sure you check back in with your organisation host. You could send an email or a thank you card. For the brave hearted, you might even meet up for coffee. Staying connected with your new networks is essential.

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