The A to Zee, sorry Zed, of Employee Communication

Shel Holtz“Professor” Lee Hopkins (of the unofficially recognised University of Better Communication Results, Adelaide Hills Campus) has delivered another gem of an interview. Continuing with his series of interviews on employee communication, Lee speaks with communication and social media expert Shel Holtz, ABC (Accredited Business Communicator). Shel is also a blogger, consultant and author. He is a generous contributor to the world of “communication thinking”, and is always willing to share his thoughts and ideas, and help advance the profession.
In this podcast, Shel explains how he started in employee communication with a chip on his shoulder, but quickly realised effective communication is an essential element of successful organisations.
He shares some of his successes and thoughts on how new social media and traditional forms of employee communication can be used within an organisational context.

See Shel:

  • For Immediate Release – Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson’s “twice weekly commentary on public relations and new technology”. This is a “must subscribe to” podcast for anyone who is serious about public relations and interested in the impact ICT is having on the industry.
  • A Shel of my former self – Shel’s blog “at the intersection of communication & technology”. Shel says he began in corporate communication in the mid-1970s, has been online since the mid 1980s, and been on the net since 1990. He wrote “Public Relations on the Net,” among other books, manuals and articles. He consults, he speaks, he writes – and he provides a wealth of information on his blog for free! Check out the great archives section too.
  • See what people are saying about Shel at Technorati.
  • Shel’s webinars for Ragan Communications
  • Shel’s bio from the Podcast & Portable Media Expo
  • Why Lee Hopkins is a Shelaholic.
  • (One of) Shel’s books mentioned in this podcast. Amazon. Emporium Books.

theMediaPod interview with Shel Holtz

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