A lighthearted look back to 1977. The world’s first podcast?

Cover of Popular ScienceIn what could be the world’s first podcast, Ross reported on news and technology – from 1977! He found that whilst technology had changed, some of the issues haven’t (even if the focus is slightly different – global cooling instead of global warming for instance). Melbourne’s Age newspaper in October 1977 was reporting on global terrorism in the airline industry, gene therapy, uranium mining, and an Israeli peace plan. Sound familiar?
On the cover of the October 1977 edition of Popular Science the big issues were: “New $595 home computer – low-cost models can change your life-style”, “GM and Chrysler for ’78, the shrink goes on”, “First really promising US man-powered aircraft”, “VW’s 60-MPG turbo-diesel safety car”, and “Our changing weather: Colder winters ahead?”.
I hope you enjoy this lighthearted look back at 1977.
1977 podcast

The stories (and advertisements) of Popular Science, October 1977

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