The media's changed, communicators must too.

David JonesMBF LogoThe mass media has changed, so public affairs practitioners must too. That’s the message from David Jones, the head of public affairs for the country’s second largest health insurer, MBF.
The changes don’t only need to be taken into account by practitioners working with an external audience, according David. Employee Communication practitioners also need to heed the change.
“Gone are the days when the media paid little attention to what happened inside the corporate world,” David said.
“Generally (in the past) the media thrived on a diet of crime and politics, but business was always left to the back of the paper. But more and more, the business world is now under scrutiny from the media.
“You can have a major development happening within a company, but unless you get your internal communication right, you could wake up with the problem of your staff are reading about major developments in their company in the morning newspaper rather than hearing it first from managers within their own company,” David said.
David also points out that the world is becoming ever more complex, so making sure employees understand company direction is absolutely vital.
This is a great conversation from a very experience practitioner. Students, and practitioners alike will benefit from David’s insights. I hope you enjoy this podcast from Lee Hopkins and David Jones.
Lee Hopkins talks with David Jones

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