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If you’re still living in the age of stage coaches, this is the podcast for you. In this first of a series of 13 weekly PR podcasts, we look at podcasts, and examine the benefits for PR practitioners.
We also talk Crisis Communication with the Corporate Communications Manager for Australia’s Civil Aviation and Safety Authority, Peter Gibson.
What do stage coaches, telegraphs and company identity have to do with employee communication? Listen to this episode of theMediaPod with Brad Bellaver and find out.
A North American employee communications specialist Brad describes himself as having an “accidental career” in IT, and didn’t start in the communication business right out of college. He is currently head of internal communications at financial services company Wells Fargo. For the past seven years he’s been in an internal communications functions thanks to the intranet allowing him to bridge from IT to communications.
He describes his work as “helping people in their cubes connect the dots between the organisation and their work”.
Whilst heavily involved in work on the intranet, he describes his current work as sometimes media-based, sometimes not.
Brad has some great insights into employee communications, especially in relation to intranets.
“A big challenge in large organisations is when you have large (intranet) systems – how do you make it simple so that people can find what they’re looking for. That’s the secret sauce for my organisation at the moment – trying find out how to do that effectively,” Brad said.
This is a great conversation between Lee Hopkins and Brad Bellaver. I hope you enjoy it.
Show notes

0:00 Introduction
1:12 Vox Pops & commentary on podcasts
5:07 Interview with Peter Gibson, Corporate Comms Mgr, CASA
11.30 Volunteer opportunities for PR students (for more information see DMG World Media’s website, or contact Ross Monaghan.
18:19 Lee Hopkins talk with Wells Fargo’s Brad Bellaver

theMediaPod 12 February 2007

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