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Meryl DavidToo many organisations treat their people as production units. They do so at their peril. Organisations aren”t a collection of offices, factories and sales outlets, they are a group of people working towards the same goal. Success isn”t dependent on the assets an organisation has, it”s what people decide to do with those assets, and how they use them, that brings about success. So effective communication is vital. No one understands this more than one of Australia’s leading communicators, Meryl David.
Meryl is the Internal Communication Manager for Zurich Financial Services in Australia. She is based in Sydney.
She describes her role as helping managers communicate effectively with people across the organisation.
“I think my job is to connect people with each other, and people with the company,” Meryl says.
That might seem like a simple explanation of her job role, but it also says much more about Meryl and her approach to communication. She connects people, not employees. The difference is more than semantic. The difference is in her attitude.
Apart from being a leading business communicator, Meryl is also a long-time member of the International Association of Business Communicators, and former Asia Pacific Director of that organisation. Few, if any, people around the world have done more to progress the interests and professionalism of business communication.
Lee Hopkins spoke with Meryl about communication and its importance to organisations. It’s a conversation that I’m sure both skilled communicators and students will get a lot out of.
There is another interesting interview with Meryl on the Ragan Postcard blog too.

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theMediaPod interview with Meryl David

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