Mobile users too loud? It’s about cultural perception, not reception.

ShhhhNew research suggests the use of mobile phones varies dramatically from country to country. Age, financial resources, and t

he length of time you’ve used a devise, also play a role in differing usage patterns. Users are creative too when it comes to cost, with many having more than one service to make use of carriers’ special cheap text or talk periods.
In this episode of theMediaPod, Ross Monaghan talks with Naomi Baron, Professor of Linguistics at American University, Washington, DC. She’s the author of Always on: language in an online and mobile world, which explores the linguistic and social impact of fixed and mobile communication.
Professor Baron is currently investigating the cross cultural context of mobile phone use.
With emerging technology making mobile phones multimedia devices, Professor Baron warns at just because these services are available, doesn’t mean that all users are making, or will make, use of them. Cost of using these services is often the issue.
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