No mystery why a STACK of internship experiences lead to success

Great internships lead to great things. Savannah Douglas’s experience is no exception.

Savannah graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Arts (Film and Television), majoring in Journalism.

During her degree, she decided that an internship would be the perfect opportunity to expand on her skills.

She sought, and eventually secured an internship position working as a Production Office Intern on the film ‘Emo the Musical’. This movie was so successful that it has recently been added to Australian Netflix, and boasts a 75% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Savannah is still in touch with people she met through her first internship, and was approached by a production co-ordinator and offered work because of this placement
“It’s all about meeting people and networking. You get to experience the role in person, as well as get your name out there and meet peers from your future career,” says Savannah.

Her learning didn’t stop there though. Savannah decided to undertake a second internship in a different field of study, so that she could compare the two to decide which she favoured.

After identifying STACK magazine as an interesting organisation and potential place she could intern, Savannah attempted to contact the editor to enquire about a position. She quickly discovered how competitive the industry was, and began to consider other ways she could reach her goal.

Savannah managed to secure a volunteer position at Oz Comic Con, where she was lucky enough to meet a staff member of STACK magazine who was attending to interview convention guests.

Meeting this employee face-to-face led to a coffee catch up, and after Savannah consistently approached STACK to communicate how interested she was in interning with them, she was eventually offered her second internship placement working in their Melbourne office.

“It’s so different actually being in the workplace, you can’t imagine how valuable it is. Your internship is about figuring out the path that you’re on, and whether that path is right for you. Just dive in.”

The week before her internship had begun, STACK offered Savannah a ticket to the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert, so she could attend and review the event when her internship commenced. During her internship she wrote reviews on concerts, film premiers, albums and TV shows, with many of these pieces being published in STACK magazine.

Working with a small team meant there was plenty of work for Savannah, and she gained a great amount of experience while being able to interact with leading editors.

“You never stop learning. The internship just helps you find the people who will teach you.”
Savannah secured ongoing work at STACK for about a year after her internship concluded, and has recently transitioned back into the film industry, taking on production roles with Nowhere Boys series 4, The Doctor Blake Mysteries Telemovie and The Whistleblower.


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