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ABC's Tony EastleyA few months ago I visited the ABC’s ‘AM’ program in Sydney. AM is one of the country’s most important and influential current affairs programs. I watched the program being put together and interviewed the main members of the team: Presenter Tony Eastley (pictured right); Executive Producer David Burgess; Associate Producer Mark Tamhane; Studio Editor Leonie Highfield; and reporter Edmund Roy. They told me about their working lives and I quizzed them about the essential ingredients of a cracking ‘AM’ story.
Have a listen and tell me what you think.
Happy Easter! Colleen Murrell.
A day with ABC’s AM program

One comment on “Podcast on 'AM'
  1. Mark Tamhane

    That was a really terrific (except for me sounding like a right Wally — obviously hadn’t drunk enough coffee yet) insight into what we try to do each morning, It captured a really good slice of the kinds of dramas, dilemnas and minor tantrums that make up a normal day as we try and balance editorial, timing and technical considerations.
    Thanks for putting up with us,
    Mark Tamhane
    Associate Producer
    “AM” Programme
    ABC Radio Current Affairs


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