PR in regional Australia & why writing skills are still important

joanna_stevensRunning a public relations consultancy in a regional area can hav

e it’s challenges, but this weeks guess shows why having a public relations degree from a leading PR teaching university has it significant advantages.

Joanna Stevens (pictured) is the Managing Director and Founder of Premier PR in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

According to Premier PR’s website, Joanna “established Premier Public Relations in August 2002 after recognising a
need for a specialist public relations firm that could meet the diverse
needs of rural and regional Victoria”.

PR is still a relatively new profession in regional areas, Joanna says.

“Many business are still trying to grasp what public relations can do for them,” she says.

“There’s also the perception out there that to get good quality PR you have to go to metropolitan areas. So we have the challenge of explaining to our clients that we’re not a regional-based PR firm that does national work, but a national organisation located in Ballarat.”

“We also need to explain to local business that we provide services that you can get in Melbourne, but we’re located next door,” Joanna said.

Also in this podcast I talk with Deakin Univeristy tutor and PR veteran Lee Palmer about the importance of good communication skills.

According to Lee, PR is a tool of management, and communication is a tool of public relations.

As a PR educator, Lee says her goal is for students to take away from university an “ability to express themselves to a wide variety of audiences”.

Show notes

1:20 Joanna Stevens, Managing Director, Premier PR, Ballarat.
5:30 Lee Palmer, PR Tutor, Deakin University, Geelong.


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