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DRTIn previous podcasts we’ve spoken with journalists in a range of metropolitan and national news organisations. In this mediapodcast I visit the editors of The Warrnambool Standard, and the Murray Valley Standard. Both have interesting observations about reporting in regional areas.
According to Rick Bayne, Editor of the Warrnambool Standard, regional newspapers have a much greater connection with local communities than their metropolitan counterparts.
“Here (in Warrnambool)…everyone knows where I work, so if they want to say something about a story, they let me know about it,” Rick says.
“You have to be responsive to local people, and you have to know what boundaries to set.”
At the Murray Valley Standard, Editor Travis Simmons says that responsiveness to local communities extends into recruiting new from the local area.
“Where possible we try to source journalists locally,” Travis says.
We give locals the opportunity to develop a career at the local newspaper, becuase that local focus is very important to what we do”.
I then travel to Canberra to talk with the CSIRO about the Total Wellbeing Diet book. Sales have exceeded all expectations, but were they ready for the criticism from some quaters?
Finally I talk with Laura Stewart about some volunteer opportunities for Deakin PR students. The Geelong campus’s DRT is looking for some PR help – it’s a great way for one, or a small number of students, to get some practical PR experience before they graduate.
And congratulations to 2006 graduate Cara Ash on being appointed Geelong Football Club’s new Marketing Assistant. It was a hotly contested role, and a credit to Cara who was a fantastic student, and I’m sure will be a great asset to the Cats. Go Cats! Check out Cara’s 2006 podcast with Dave Hughes at NOVA FM.
Show notes

1:23 Regional Newspapers
1:59 Rick Bayne, Editor, Warrnambool Standard
16:15 Travis Simmons, Editor, Murray Valley Standard
28:00 Marilyn Chalkley, Manager Media Liaison, CSIRO
34:30 Laura Stewart, Communications Officer, FRH Group

theMediaPod 26 February 2007

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