Public Relations education: Are we making a difference?

Public relations education evaluation study

The Hunter Institute of Mental Health (Hunter Institute) is seeking recently graduated public relations practitioners to participate in an exciting new research project.

The purpose of the evaluation study is to gather information about the exposure public relations practitioners had to training around how to communicate about sensitive health related issues during their undergraduate studies.

Who can participate?

The Hunter Institute would like to invite all recently graduated public relations practitioners to participate in this study, which will take the form of a 15-20 minute phone interview. We encourage all people who meet the eligibility criteria to contact us as soon as possible and will be taking expressions of interest until 15 Nov 2013.

Participants are eligible if they:

  • are over 18 years of age;
  • have completed an undergraduate degree within the past five years;
  • are currently practicing in Public Relations

Click here for more information.

How can I participate?

Contact one of the research team on:

Jenyfer Locke:  (02) 4924 6705 or Jenyfer.Locke (at)
Ross Tynan:         4924 6744 or Ross.Tynan (at)

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