Students aren't horsing around with "The Colts" video

MEDIA and Communication students David Zaffina, James Boyd (both Deakin University) and Daniel Mallia (Swinburne) produce a fortnightly AFL comedy series called ‘The Colts’ for The series follows the ups and downs of a fictitious suburban football club, the Whitehorse Colts.

Each week the cast is joined by an AFL player, media personality or celebrity who makes a cameo appearance on the show.

The series is a great example of how Deakin students are using new media to get fantastic experience, meet media personalities and celebrities (watch out for a cameo by Guy Sebastian) and make a name for themselves.

The Colts Episode 4 – Part 1

Colts Captain Nick Bentley (David Zaffina) calls for a mid season boot camp after the Colts 91 point thrashing last week. How will the leadership group respond?

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