Top five tips for new PR students

DEAKIN University public relations student Jake Sparshott shares his top tips for new PR students.
Jake SparshottI’LL be honest. Starting off my first year of studying Public Relations I had no idea what I was doing. So to help lessen that feeling for other students, here are my top 5 tips for first year PR students.

  1. Forget what you think PR is. The field of PR is vast. Coming in with an open mind will allow you to find the perfect niche for you.
  2. Less is more. Don’t convolute your writing with “fluff”. Stick to the point and your writing will become much clearer.
  3. Use your tutors! This one is a biggie. Your tutors and lecturers are massive resources who are always willing to help out those that seek it. (Think of them like Hogwarts)
  4. Network. PR is all about networking. Get to know your fellow classmates; they will be the ones working alongside you in a few years!
  5. Sign up for activities outside of university (Such as theMediaPod dinners!). It will show that you’re keen to learn and also expose you to some great people within the industry.

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